Energy Efficiency Audits & Contracting in Maine

Cape Elizabeth Farmhouse

"People assume energy efficiency will be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be."

Falmouth Antique Cape

"Our house is so comfortable and enjoyable to live in, we could stay here forever.”

Bath New Englander

"Being ecofriendly is one of our values. So is getting the best bang for our buck."

Brooks Gambrel

"We're setting a positive example of conservation and resourcefulness."
Cape Elizabeth Farmhouse
Falmouth Antique Cape
Bath New Englander
Brooks Gambrel

Evergreen Home Performance | Energy Efficiency Audits & Contracting | Maine

Evergreen's team of energy advisors and field technicians offers energy efficiency audits & contracting throughout Maine, with energy advisors based in Portland, Bath, Rockland, and Belfast. Schedule a free consult with infrared analysis to learn how your home works, and begin planning a customized efficiency upgrade that helps it work better.
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What We Do

Homeowners choose Evergreen for seamless, successful home performance projects that cut energy bills by 25-50%. From thorough energy analysis through comprehensive improvement projects, you can count on us to look at the big picture, find the real root of your home's comfort, health, and safety problems, and provide comprehensive solutions, from start to finish.

Our Services

  • Free consults: Learn how your house works - and how it could work better.
  • Energy audits: Assess your whole house to pinpoint problems and engineer solutions.
  • Air sealing: Tighten up your house to control air movement.
  • Insulation: Slow the flow of heat for year-round comfort.
  • Basement encapsulation: Eliminate moisture to keep your home warm and dry.
  • Replacement windows: Improve your home's comfort, durability, and value with Integrity replacement windows by Marvin.
  • Financing: Access Efficiency Maine incentives and loans to make your project affordable.

WBLM's The Captain had his first energy audit with Evergreen Home Performance! 

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