Energy Efficiency Audits & Contracting in Maine

Evaluate Your Home

When you plan comfort and efficiency improvements, evaluating your home is the first step.
We start by identifying your unique goals and priorities, and design improvements that fit your needs and your home. 

Energy Analysis | Free Consult | Evergreen Home Performance | MaineBig Picture Understanding

The comfort and efficiency problems you've identified may have suprising connections and root causes. We listen to your concerns, look over your current energy use, and inspect your home to devleop project possibilities during your free energy consult.


Expert Project Design

Energy Consult | Infrared Analysis | Evergreen Home Performance | Maine

Once we've developed a hypothesis about how your home works - and how it could work better - we schedule an energy audit to test our understanding. The blower door test and other analysis gives us the data we need to refine our hypothesis about the root causes of your comfort and efficiency problems and to design comprehensive, cost-effective improvements to meet your goals.


Personalized Proposal

Every house is unique and so is every improvement plan. Your proposal presents building science solutions customized to your priorities and your home's challenges, along with diagnostic test results and firm prices.