Energy Efficiency Audits & Contracting in Maine

Kick off Home Improvement Season with Home Performance

Spring Home Improvement | Evergreen Home Performance | MaineWarmer weather brings a sense of relief – no more shoveling! – and its own to-do list. Before you get too deep into all those projects, schedule a FREE one-hour consult with Evergreen Home Performance to evaluate how your home performed this winter.

Did you pay too much for heat? The cost of oil is out of your hands, but investing in energy efficiency can dramatically reduce your energy needs. Efficiency is regularly called our cheapest, cleanest energy source, and Efficiency Maine’s $600 rebates and long-term, low-interest loans make it even more affordable.

Did you experience ice dams? Ice dams are usually a sign that you’re losing heat through an under-insulated attic, which means you’re paying extra for major moisture problems. Targeted air sealing and insulation now will reduce ice dams next winter – and keep you cooler all summer.

Did you keep your distance from your windows? If you felt the heat literally sucked out of your body every time you sat next to a cold window, it’s time to invest in lightweight, custom-built window inserts. They deliver the energy savings of a standard double pane window at 15%-20% of the cost, and their installation is easy and construction-free.

Investing in an energy efficiency improvement project now could cut next winter’s heating bill by 25% or more, so contact Evergreen today. Your free consult will help you understand your options and install energy efficiency upgrades that pay for themselves in comfort and savings.