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Homeowners turn to Evergreen Home Performance with goals and priorities as distinct as their homes. Learn the stories behind their investment in energy efficiency.

Camden Gambrel:
A Profound Difference Worth Every Penny

Heating bills, uneven temperatures, and frozen pipes kept this Camden, Maine homeowner from fully enjoying her home - until efficiency upgrades insulated her dream house from the cold and the road noise.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Camden, MaineCamden Bungalow:
Eliminating Basement Moisture - and Anxiety

These Camden, Maine homeowners chose basement encapsulation to eliminate moisture problems and achieve the old house charm without the old house headaches.



Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Brooks, MaineBrooks Gambrel:
Planning for Sustainable Comfort

These self-described "energy nerds" chose comprehensive insulation and air sealing upgrades, plus solar installations from ReVision Energy, to make their home comfortable and cozy, sustainably.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Bath MaineBath New Englander:
Being Environmentally Responsible - and Financially Savvy

Energy efficiency upgrades were the right choice for these first-time homeowners, who strive to be good stewards of all of their resources - environmental and financial.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Cushing MaineCushing Antique Cape:
Investing in Comfort - and Savings

This Cushing, Maine homeowner had worked hard to transform her old cottage into a beautiful home, but the wind still howled through the rubblestone foundation and she was still living with high fuel bills and cold floors. Energy efficiency upgrades changed that for good.


Energy Efficiency Project | Evergreen Home Performance | Cushing, MaineCushing Log Cabin:
Aging in Place, Warm & Cozy

This Cushing, Maine homeowner feared that she'd have to move to a nursing home if she couldn't make her log cabin home warm. Energy efficiency upgrades reduced her air leakage by 22% so she can age in place comfortably and affordably.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Falmouth MaineFalmouth Antique Cape:
Making Home Quiet, Comfortable, and Enjoyable

These homeowners weren't even thinking about soundproofing when they invested in cellulose insulation, but their 1850s home is now quiet as well as warm, cozy, and affordable.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Cape Elizabeth MaineCape Elizabeth Contemporary:
Helping Renovations Work Efficiently Together

Several additions had transformed this 1939 log cabin into an elegant contemporary home, but left it drafty, uncomfortable, and expensive to heat and cool. Air sealing and insulating made it more livable and affordable year-round.


Insulation | Lake Megunticook Cottage | Camden, Maine | Evergreen Home PerformanceCamden Cottage:
Insulating a Summer Cottage for Year-Round Comfort

This Camden, Maine lakeside cottage has been in Nancy’s family since the 1960s, and she didn’t change a thing when she moved in year-round 15 years ago. Air sealing and insulating finally made this special place comfortable - and cut heating costs in half.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | South Portland, MaineSouth Portland Gable-Front Home:
Creating Even Temperatures - and a Toasty Toilet Seat

For this South Portland, Maine homeowner, working with Evergreen meant learning more about her home, getting the information she needed for a multi-year plan, creating a temperate home - and getting some surprising perks.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Cape Elizabeth, MaineCape Elizabeth Farmhouse:
Managing Costs with Energy Efficiency

These Cape Elizabeth, Maine homeowners were pleasantly surprised at how affordable energy efficiency improvements could be - and how an investment in efficiency could help them manage monthly costs and save for the other home improvements they have planed.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Rockport, MaineRockport Antique Cape:
One Old House, Two Efficiency Maine Loans, Three Local Companies - and a Comprehensive Efficiency Project

PACE and PowerSaver Loans from Efficiency Maine made it possible for these homeowners to transform one of Rockport, Maine's oldest homes into a leader in energy efficiency.







Energy Efficiency Case Study | Evergreen Home Performance | Belfast, MaineBelfast Farmhouse:
Making the Educated Choice

Home energy efficiency can be complicated and overwhelming, even when you're an architect and a writer for the building trades. Learn how Bruce and Liz finally got some peace of mind - as well as a cozy, comfortable home.


Energy Efficiency | Woolwich, Maine | Evergreen Home PerformanceWoolwich Gambrel:
Treating a Tricky Gambrel Roof

Most contractors told Diane and Arthur that they'd have to tear off the roof to insulate the side attics of their 1970s Woolwich gambrel, but Evergreen dense-packed the whole gambrel roofline.


Energy Efficiency Case Study | Waldoboro, Maine | Evergreen Home PerformanceWaldoboro Farmhouse:
Combatting the Elements for Comfort and Savings

John had been living with high heating bills and a cold house for so long that it felt normal, but comprehensive attic and basement improvements helped cut his heating costs by 40% and created a new, far more efficient normal.


Energy Efficiency | Rockland Maine | Evergreen Home PerformanceRockland Victorian:
Prioritizing Efficiency in a New Old Home

When Jay and Rebecca moved into their 1895 Rockland home, energy efficiency wasn't anywhere near the top of their project list. But when Evergreen laid out the long-term energy savings, it convinced them to invest in a project that cut their energy use in half.

Energy Efficiency | Rockland Maine | Evergreen Home PerformanceRockland Cape:
Transforming a Full-Time Project into a Cozy Home

It took constant attention - not to mention five cords of wood and a fair amount of propane - to heat Ken's 1835 Rockland home, till a deep energy retrofit cut heat loss by 50% and energy costs by more than that.


Energy Efficiency | Belfast Maine | Evergreen Home PerformanceBelfast Saltbox:
Managing Moisture Problems for Good

Just months after they moved in, Mark and Diane discovered major moisture problems in their 1995 Belfast home. Rather than just ripping out the moldy drywall, they sought comprehensive solutions that would keep mold, mildew, and rust away for good. Adding solar hot water helped them cut their overall energy costs in half.






Energy Efficiency | Saco Maine | Evergreen Home PerformanceSaco Victorian:
Melting the Dog's Dish - and More

Rob and Amy could accept their cold, completely uninsulated house - until the morning they found the dog's dish skimmed over with ice. Insulating the house from top to bottom reduced their energy costs by a third and made their home more livable for them - and their dogs.






Energy Efficiency | Camden Maine | Evergreen Home Performance

Camden Gable-Front Home:
Financing Comfort and Efficiency

Jim and Misty knew that air sealing and insulating their Camden home would make them more comfortable and save them money in the long run - but they didn't know if they could make the cash flow work. A long-term, low-interest loan from Efficiency Maine was the answer.






Basement Encapsulation | Belfast Maine | Evergreen Home Performance |

Belfast Greek Revival:
Cutting Costs and Improving Health

Mike and Lee didn't think energy efficiency was possible for their 1842 Greek Revival, but they couldn't stomach rising fuel costs and increasingly unhealthy indoor air. Air sealing and insulation throughout the house, plus basement encapsulation, means they can finally relax and enjoy their home.